Spring Cleanup 2021

​Vouchers will now be accepted through August 21st, 2021.
The last day to request a voucher by email is Friday, August 20th by 3 PM. 

If you need a hard copy by mail, please request a voucher by Friday, August 13th by 3 PM to allow enough time to reach you.

Glenwood Springs Offers Landfill Vouchers for 2021 Spring Clean Up

Due to COVID-19 precautions, there is no curbside collection available. Redeem your Spring Cleanup landfill voucher for one free personal pick-up size load at the South Canyon Landfill.  Plan ahead as it can take a few days to have your address verified and to receive your voucher in an email.

The City of Glenwood Springs is offering landfill vouchers for the 2021 Spring Cleanup by request.  This is a proactive measure to limit employee-resident interactions to slow the potential spread, impacts, and damage of COVID-19. Residents can receive a voucher for one free personal pick-up size load at the landfill to assist with normal Spring Clean Up items. Vouchers are only available to Glenwood Springs residents within City limits, and is limited to one per household.  

Is my address within city limits?  ​

Use our interactive map to search for your address.  This map works best with Google Chrome.  Please make sure the "Voting Layer" selection is checked on the "Layer List" as this is the easiest way to identify city limits .      

Submit your request for a voucher here

Vouchers are downloadable by email.  For help receiving a voucher by mail, please email SpringCleanup@cogs.us or call Sara Weigel at 970-384-6449.

The vouchers are not redeemable for cash and are only valid for the resident and address registered with the voucher. 

Acceptable Voucher materials include metal, wire, bicycles, wood, brush, appliances, yard waste (not bagged). Materials NOT accepted: electronic recycling, tires, hazardous waste, paints, oils, or appliances without a Freon Free sticker.

Other materials not covered by the voucher can be found on our Landfill webpage.  These items can be paid for separately as part of a load.

Suggestions and recommendations for Spring Cleanup can be submitted here

In 2020 downloadable vouchers were often suggested, and downloadable vouchers were implemented in 2021.

What items will the City accept?

  • Sorted debris from city residents only.
  • One (1) full-sized pickup load of debris per residence.
  • Tree limbs cut shorter than six (6) feet in length.
  • Recyclable items including wood products, metals, and appliances separated from other debris.

No Hazardous Waste 

The city will not accept hazardous materials, including: 
  • Paint, antifreeze, or gas
  • Tires
  • Waste oil
  • Televisions, computers, copiers, or any other electronics
  • Batteries
  • Air cylinders or gas tanks

How do I report a violation?

The success of this year’s Spring Cleanup service is up to you. Report violations of the program to Code Enforcement at the Glenwood Springs Police Department by calling (970) 384-6500. Please provide as much detail as possible including date, time, and description of the violation. When reporting illegal dumping by a non-city resident, please provide a full vehicle description and license plate number, if possible.

This service brought to you by the Glenwood Springs City Council.