How do I report a wastewater spill?
If you think the sewer system may be backing up, or there is a water leak, call dispatch at 970-625-8095

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1. Is it ok to discharge gasoline, used oil, diesel, paint, mineral spirits, battery acid, pesticides, solvents, chemicals and other hazardous chemicals into the sanitary sewer system?
2. How should I dispose of paper towels, flushable wipes, hair, feminine hygiene products and other miscellanous trash?
3. What are some of the odd items the City has found in the sewer system?
4. How should I dispose of cooking oil and grease?
5. How do I report a wastewater spill?
6. Is it OK to discharge contaminated water into the the stormwater system?
7. What should I do if I think that somone may be illgally discharging into the City's sewer system?