What is the City doing during the Bridge Detour to reduce peak-hour traffic?
In an effort to reduce the peak-hour vehicle impact of City employees during the 95-day Grand Avenue Bridge (GAB) closure, the City of Glenwood Springs is revising the operating hours for City Hall. Starting August 14, Glenwood Springs City Hall will be open 7am to 7pm, Monday through Thursday, and will be closed on Fridays. Although City Hall will be closed on Fridays, the Police Department will be available on an emergency basis. Non-emergency situations occurring during City Hall closures will typically be addressed the following Monday, except for city holidays.

The City Hall drop box will continue to be available to receive documents and payments. Filing and payment deadlines falling on Fridays or weekends will be extended to the following Monday.

Many City employees plan to bike, walk, carpool, participate in the city vanpool, and ride the bus during the detour.

In coordination with RFTA, the City will be providing free, frequent shuttle bus service to and through town. Routes include West Glenwood Mall to the northern end of the Grand Avenue pedestrian bridge, Amtrak to the 27th Street BRT station, and the West Glenwood Park and Ride to the 27th Street BRT station. Visit www.rfta.com for additional information on routes and schedules.

The City is also encouraging the creation of employer-based and private vanpools. Registered vanpools of 6 or more will be issued permits that will allow access to preferred travel lanes. For information on vanpool registration, contact the vanpool registration system.

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