Board, Committee & Commission Liaison Appointments

The following are liaisons to the respective board, committee, or commissions they are appointed to:
  • Stephen Bershenyi:
    • Historic Preservation Commission
    • Performing Arts Site Selection Task Force
    • Ruedi Water and Power Authority
    • Building and Contractors Licensing Board
  • Steve Davis:
    • Chamber Resort Association Board of Directors
    • Tourism Promotion Board
    • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Mike Gamba:
    • RFTA Board of Directors
    • Transportation Commission
    • Intermountain Transportation Planning Region (IMTPR)
    • Volunteer Firefighter Pension Board
  • Todd Leahy:
    • Downtown Development Authority
    • Downtown Partners
    • Airport Board
  • Leo McKinney:
    • Garfield Clean Energy
    • River/Trails Commission
    • Colorado Municipal League
  • Matt Steckler:
    • Victims Assistance and Law Enforcement Board (VALE)
    • Rural Fire District Board Liaison
  • Kathy Trauger:
    • Financial Advisory Board
    • Transportation Commission (Alternate)
    • RFTA Board of Directors (Alternate)
    • Club20
    • Northwest Council of Governments Rural Resort Region 
Unclaimed Boards
The following boards do not have an appointed liaison:
  • Ruedi Water and Power Authority (Alternate)
  • Garfield Clean Energy (Alternate)
  • Airport Board (Alternate)