Transportation Planning

Planning for future transportation needs is at the forefront of Glenwood Springs planning. There are many planning stages the City must go through to be eligible for funding from the State and Federal governments.

25-Year Transportation Plan
The City of Glenwood Springs has created a 25-year Transportation Plan to prepare for the growth and changes that will happen in Glenwood Springs’ future. The Local Long Range Transportation Plan (99.9 MB) consists of future transportation projects happening within the City on local, County and State roads.

Garfield County Transportation Plan
The City has integrated the local long range plan into the Garfield County Transportation Plan to address the future transportation needs within Garfield County.

Intermountain Regional Transportation Planning
The City also actively participates in the Intermountain Regional Transportation Planning process which consists of all entities from the 5 mountain counties:
  • Eagle Counties
  • Garfield
  • Lake
  • Pitkin
  • Summit
Regional Transportation Planning
The Regional Transportation Planning process is then integrated into the State Transportation Plan. Currently, the Colorado Department of Transportation is in the process of updating the State Long Range Transportation Plan.