1. Airport

    Find important information about the Glenwood Springs Airport (GWS)

  2. Biking / Walking

    Walking or bicycling enables you to say good-bye to traffic congestion and the mounting costs of gasoline, parking and car upkeep.

  3. Downtown Parking

    Downtown Glenwood Springs has a limited number of parking spaces due to its historic nature.

  4. Public Transit

    Take the bus and save gas money! Riding the bus is easy, convenient and a great solution for getting around Glenwood Springs.

  5. Traffic Calming

    Traffic calming is a new measure available to residents of the City of Glenwood Springs to mitigate speeding in instances where excessively high speeds have been observed and conventional methods of speed management (e.g. enforcement and education) have not been effective.

  6. Transit Resources

    Access helpful transit resources such as tax savings, the annual bus fare report, and transportation routes.

  7. Transportation Planning

    Planning for future transportation needs is at the forefront of Glenwood Springs planning. There are many planning stages the City must go through to be eligible for funding from the State and Federal governments.