Waste Tipping Fees
Only cash or checks are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted.
  1. General Waste
  2. Tires
  3. Electronics & Televisions
  4. Printers & Microwaves
 Material Type
 Tipping Fee
Municipal Solid Waste $40 / ton*
Residential/Mixed $0.02 / pound*
Construction/Demolition $48 / ton*
Concrete, clean (no rebar or mesh) $20 / ton*
Concrete, dirty (with rebar or mesh) $40 / ton*
Contaminated Soil** $52 / ton*
Brush and Wood (separated) $ 3.20 / cubic yard*
Metal Appliances**** $10 / each*
Other Recyclable Metal (separated) $20 / ton*
Large Animal (elk, cow, etc - over 300 lbs) $12 / each*
Medium Animal (deer, etc - up to 300 lbs) $10 / each*
Small Animal (dog, cat, etc - up to 100 lbs) $8 / each*
Yard Waste and clean fill No charge
Non-friable asbestos*** $50 / ton*
Septic Sludge $0.20 / gallon*
Car Wash Sludge $0.25 / gallon*
Grease Sludge $0.25 / gallon*
Sludge $45 / cubic yard*
Minimum Charge $8*
Each Uncovered load (added to regular fees) $20*
  • * Indicates State User Fee
  • ** Indicates citizen must follow Special Waste Protocol. Please call for information
  • *** Indicates Only non-friable asbestos accepted and must follow Special Waste Protocol
  • **** Required documentation
Required Documentation
South Canyon Landfill requires documentation of refrigerant removal before it can accept any refrigeration unit. Documentation must be signed by a certified technician and it must have the serial number of the unit on it. Listed below are a few businesses that may remove freon:
  • Cars Auto Salvage: 970-625-1477
  • Aspen to Vail Appliance Service: 970-963-2146
  • Barksdale's: 970-945-5635
  • Mountain Valley Appliance: 970-876-5559
  • Corrigan's Refrigeration: 970-945-8595
  • Green Zone Recycling: 970-876-5941
Toxic or Hazardous Waste
No toxic or hazardous waste is accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, paint, thinners, oil, herbicides, or pesticides. The Pitkin County Solid Waste Center will accept these materials by appointment.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection
The City of Glenwood Springs offers a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection event each April (the Saturday closest to Earth Day).This service will be free, for most items, to people living within the City limits of Glenwood Springs. People living outside the city limits of the City of Glenwood Springs will be charged a $20.00 fee for the first 5 gallons and $2.00 per gallon for additional. Contractors and Commercial Painters can bring Latex paint to recycle for $3.00 per gal.

There is a limit of 10 gallons of paint for no fee over the limit will be charged $2.00 / gal.. Please NO containers larger than 5 gal.

The HHW collection event is by appointment only.